“The lab coat has to represent you. The Classico lab coat has a significant influence not just on the person wearing it, but also on patients and staff.”

- Dr. Nitin R. Mariwalla MD, MPH, MS


Dr. Mariwalla has three graduate degrees, a research fellowship, and two clinical fellowships under his belt in addition to being one of the most elite-trained neurosurgeons in the country. He is a product of the Ivy League, and completed his neurosurgery training and fellowships at the prestigious Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia under the mentorship of surgeons who recognized his brilliance and raw talent.



What motivates you to pursue a career as a healthcare professional?

My parents had the biggest influence on me, motivating me to do for others and to live for someone other than myself. My mentors, Dr. Daniel Barrow and Dr. Michael Cawley proved to me that one can be a world-class neurosurgeon and a world-class father at the same time. I remember wearing my surgical loops for the first time, and Dr. Cawley told me to serve dinner to my children wearing my loops, so I would get used to them. My children have taught me that every patient is part of our family; my children know what I do for a living and they support me, wishing me luck as I sprint out the door to perform emergency surgery in the middle of dinner.


How do you see the other lab coats which are available in the market?

“simply not up to the tasks” Lab coats I have owned in the past were simply not up to the tasks of a busy surgeon--they lost their form, started to look dirty and tattered quickly, were either too heavy, or cheap-looking and required constant upkeep



“Wow” is really the word for Classico lab coats

“Wow” is really the word for Classico lab coats as I have never seen any lab coat made this well before. I get complimented for the lab coat every single time someone sees it. We are a family of doctors with a combined clinical experience of almost 100 years and our network of medical professionals are our closest friends. None of us have ever come across a lab coat made this well.





What do you look for in a lab coat?

Sharp, stylish, and professional look.
Lab coats are usually hated for being very generic and for making the doctor look drab; they notoriously fit poorly and need alterations or you just have to accept that it’s just a lab coat. I wear Classico Lab coats like a suit or a blazer. I never feel like taking it off. The coat demands respect. It is a performance coat that looks amazing.
The fabric plays a big role in the way the coat continues to look good. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant, smooth, stretchable, and breathable. The weight of the fabric is balanced to the optimum level of the design, helping it to assume the right shape and form. The fabric has incredible memory, stretching and returning to the original form-- this is imperative with an active, physical specialty like neurosurgery.

The design is not just elegant, but also functional with strategically-placed pockets and buttons. The lab coats are also really easy to take care of, making them convenient and worry-free.



I’d rather just save money and buy one Classico lab coat.

Lab coats sold for around $40-$50 feel and look very different from Classico lab coats. Once I started wearing Classico lab coats, there was no looking back and never did I consider another lab coat brand since then. Instead of spending money on 3 or 4 lab coats, I’d rather just save money and buy one Classico lab coat. I feel like it changes shape with my movements and fits just right no matter what. Everything on the coat was done on purpose and with the healthcare professional in mind.