Classico Lab CoatsClassico Lab Coats

Lab Coats

Classico Lab coats have been a game changer when it comes Lab coat designs. Our coats have been constantly evolving and improving over the past decade to create a sense of style, comfort & satisfaction.
We take pride in the fabric used and the Japanese craftsmanship made to create the lab coat and we make sure our customers are enabled with confidence and grace through it`s sophisticated but classy appearance.

Classico ScrubsClassico Scrubs


Scrubs are life savers for medical professionals and Classico made the life savers stylish and fun.
We redesigned scrubs when everyone associated scrubs to comfort and functionality. Our scrubs have added more value to the users by providing them with style and making the scrubs wearer feel young and lively every single day. And not to mention, they are antimicrobial, anti-wrinkle and super comfy.

Classico ItemsClassico Items


Our core objective is to create and find products which could help uplift the quality of lives of medical professionals. Our scope for opportunity was limitless as we identified many commonly used items severely outdated in form, function, quality and design and to also curate products which would essentially solve the problems which we strive to achieve, together. Starting with the creation of the world's most advanced and stylish stethoscope, the USCOPE.

Fabrics that are just right for the perfect poise

Fabrics play a crucial role in creating the perfect form and experience which makes the Classico Lab coat and scrub stand out.
Our fabrics are carefully handpicked to match the wearer and objective of the lab coat design.
Classico`s highest grade fabrics give our products an identity of its own.

  • Superior PimaSuperior Pima
  • Urban TechUrban Tech
  • JerseyJersey
  • LightweightLightweight
  • Cool TechCool Tech
  • DeoDeo

Why? Classico

Classico as a brand is determined to continuously create products which will improve the day-to-day life of an healthcare practitioner and make it easier and better. We have dedicated all our work and effort in the development of game changing medical clothing and stethoscopes, giving due importance to lab coats that are not only stylish with the finest fabrics but also functionally practical. Our products are made of the highest quality grades. Healthcare professionals deal with life and death situations and we greatly respect that and are proud to have products which helps uplift the feelings of the both the wearer and the patient.


Classico Advantage (Special Use)