Embroidery Service


Embroidery is stitched on the left upper chest of each jacket, with one exception: the Casey. Due to a pocket on the left side, embroidery on the Casey is placed on the right upper chest.


Currently, we are able to offer two choices for fonts: block and script. The general font size is 8mm.


We can embroider up to two lines of text.

The top line should be your name, constructed like:[First Name or Initial] [Last Name], [Suffixes]. The second line typically features your department, practice, specialty, group or other affiliation.

Please enter the information in the embroidery order form beneath the item you are ordering. There is an 16-character maximum.

We partner with several embroiderers in Japan and the US, which can appear slightly different than the embroidery finish as shown on our samples. We carefully position each embroidery, so the text is visible. But depending on the character and lab coat style, the lapel may partially cover the text. Please note our 18-character limit, including spaces, to achieve the best embroidery placement.


Embroidery can add an extra 5 – 7 days to your order. Embroidered items cannot be returned or exchanged. If you are  unsure about your size, we recommend you order without embroidery.