Not All Doctors are cut
from the Same CLoth.
Neither are their coats.

Tailored lab coats
as distinctive as
the professionals
who wear them.

  • The Form.

    Why can’t your lab coat look and feel as good as your favorite suit? Our designer, a master tailor, hand-selects fabrics for look, feel and durability. Then, favoring tailoring techniques over mass production, shapes them into garments with sharp lines, trim silhouettes, and thoughtful details.

  • The Function.

    Classico lab coats are designed to shine in hard-working hospitals. Smartly-placed pockets keep pens and instruments right where you need them. A high-grade antibacterial coating repels microbes. Ultra-durable materials stand up to repeated washings.

  • The Feel.

    There’s nothing like the fit and feel of tailored clothing. Our coats are designed by a tailor, and crafted with traditional tailoring techniques and details you’ll notice every time you put it on. No other doctor’s coat looks like it, or feels like it.

the doctor
asked the tailor:

can a lab coat
have style?

That’s how it started. In Japan, a doctor was looking for a new lab coat, and was tired of the same old choices. They didn't fit well. They looked boring. He didn't feel good when he put them on. So a friend put him in touch with an elite tailor. The doctor asked for something special: a functional medical coat with the fit, style and craftsmanship of a custom suit.

The tailor delivered. The doctor was happy. It might have stopped there, but a web video showing the sample went viral. Thousands of other doctors e-mailed, asking for coats of their own.

That was 2007. Since then, Classico has grown into a global business providing the finest lab coats to professionals around the world.