Scrub Canvas Club: Ueba Esou Scrub Tops (Unisex)


Light Blue
Lime Green

Scrub Canvas Club: Ueba Esou Scrub Tops (Unisex) (Size Guide)

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Scrub Canvas Club

Enjoying scrubs as a canvas.
This Classico new scrub line was created with the idea of "bringing smiles to the medical field" through collaboration with artists, photographers, movies, music, characters, etc., that transcend the "scrubs" that busy medical professionals wear every day into a canvas.

A collaboration with Ueba Esou(上羽絵惣), one of the oldest paint stores in Japan.
Resulting in a unisex scrub that reflects the colors of traditional Japanese Pantings.

A Japanese-inspired Scrub created by Japan's oldest pigment store

A collaboration with the Japanese pigment store "Ueba Esou(上羽絵惣)," which was established in Kyoto in 1751. a project that resulted in scrubs with The beautiful Japanese colors of the mineral pigments used in Japanese paintings.

It has a unisex design. And a slight drop-shoulder design with a boxy cut to show the perfect balance of size. It's not too oversized and gives a natural impression. The V-neck is accented with a gradation of different materials in the same color.. While The back has a central line similar to that of a kimono, giving it a vague impression of Japanese style.

Three colors were selected from "iwa-enogu(岩絵具)," Japanese painting pigments derived from natural materials. The three colors are: Sabi-Byakugun:錆白群 (light blue), Gunroku-Iro:群緑色(lime green), and Iwanezu:岩鼠 (brown). The texture of iwa-enogu is reproduced using nashiji fabric. The surface of the fabric has a texture with particles like those of iwa-enogu (mineral pigments). The fabric is light, feels nice, soft, and comfortable to wear.

上羽絵惣(Ueba Esou)

Ueba Esou, which has been in business for more than 260 years, was founded in 1751 by Sobei in the town of Torocho, Kyoto. It is the oldest traditional paint shop in Japan, Famous for its white fox mark and specializing in Paint for Japanese Paintings ( Such as 泥絵具 (Doro Enogu) 棒絵具 (Bou Enogu).

▶︎上羽絵惣(Ueba Esou) WEB-site(English)

Item Number:R05
Color: Light blue(錆白群:Sabi-Byakugun), Lime Green(群緑色:Gunroku-iro), Gray(岩鼠:Iwanezu)
Available in: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
Fabric Materials: 100% polyester
non-iron, super absorbent and quick-drying, Lightweight
*Lining fabric pattern may vary from what is seen in the picture

Model (Male): Height 186 cm, Chest 89 cm, Waist 71 cm, Hips 92 cm
Size: M

Model (Female): Height 174 cm, Chest 73 cm, Waist 59 cm, Hips 87 cm
Size: XS