Scrub Canvas Club:WONDER ART Scrub Tops (Unisex)


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Scrub Canvas Club:WONDER ART Scrub Tops (Unisex) (Size Guide)

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Scrub Canvas Club

Enjoying scrubs as a canvas.
This Classico new scrub line was created with the idea of "bringing smiles to the medical field" through collaboration with artists, photographers, movies, music, characters, etc., that transcend the "scrubs" that busy medical professionals wear every day into a canvas.

Wonder Art × Classico
A collaboration with "Wonder Art." A unisex scrubs with a touch of hospital art.

Classico collaborates with WonderArt, a non-profit organization that has long been involved in hospital art and aims to reform the medical environment through art.
The scrubs are based on artwork created by children who attend the art studio run by Wonder Art.

The image source is a sophisticated graphic shirt. The shoulders are slightly sloped, and the body has a modern silhouette with a moderate width. Special anti-static tape is also used in the seam allowance.
Artwork is placed around the back of the shirt to create a beautifully calculated balance designed to wrap you in children's art every time you walk through the hospital. The sophisticated balance of modern silhouette + artwork makes the design gender and age-neutral.

Available in white, charcoal gray, and brown-gray.
Charcoal gray and brown-gray are made of "TRO" series fabric characterized by its light and comfortable tropical wool-like texture.
The white color is made of the "urban tech" series fabric, which is characterized by its silky smoothness and soft yet bulky sponge-like texture.

Wonder Art

Challenging the power of art to create a society in which everyone can thrive
Founded by hospital artist Masako Takahashi. With hospital art activities as her starting point, she continues to challenge herself with art activities that lead to the power to live and shine through expression at sites facing life and mind, such as illness, disability, and disaster.

▶︎Wonder Art WEB-site
▶︎Hospital Artist Masako Takahashi WEB site

Meet the Artists

Kotaro Yabe

Title of work: "English Conversation
Adopted scrubs: charcoal gray

Kotaro is very fast. When asked, "What do you want to paint?" he has already finished. He draws pictures in an instant. He often asks after a short time, "Can I take a break after I finish this? and takes many breaks in between. Perhaps it is because he paints all at once that he gets tired. Then, after enjoying a few moments of playful Conversation, he would paint again. His quick brush strokes are so vigorous that the birds in his paintings seem to flap their wings, the flowers sway in the wind, and the wind feels blowing.

Nozomi Horie

Title "Songs of ABC" / "Untitled
Adopted scrubs: white / brown-gray

Nozomi, who has a rich sense of color and loves painting, happily spreads his colors on a large sheet of paper like a fish out of water. At that moment, Mochiumi himself seems to become a part of the colors. His joyful expression is the joy of creating, and his dynamic and free brushstrokes have the impact of an abstract painting. When we show him a striped work, a rainbow appears; when he mumbles the word "round," a fruit appears; when he sings "the ABC song," beautiful shades of the alphabet are created.

Item Number:R03
Color: White, Charcoal Gray, Brown Gray
Available in: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
Fabric Materials: 100% polyester
White:Stretchable, non-iron, non-see-through, super absorbent and quick-drying, Soil resistant finishing, antistatic
Charcoal Gray, Brown Gray:non-iron, super absorbent and quick-drying, antistatic
*Lining fabric pattern may vary from what is seen in the picture

Model (Male): Height 186 cm, Chest 89 cm, Waist 71 cm, Hips 92 cm
Size: M

Model (Female): Height 174 cm, Chest 73 cm, Waist 59 cm, Hips 87 cm
Size: XS