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Men's WASHI Scrub Tops (Size Guide)

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Combining the understated elegance of Japanese washi paper with lab coats. A hybrid fabric that integrates modern functions with traditional Japanese materials from the past.

Japanese washi paper has the lowest thermal conductivity among many different types of materials, in addition to its ability to disperse heat quickly as well as its unique resistance to moisture. To make the most of these properties of washi paper, we came up with a special knitted design where the inner layer that comes into direct contact with the user's skin is set with washi paper while preserving a 100% polyester external surface. This creates a fabric that is soft to the touch and resists both heat and moisture. At the same time, this design eliminates the problems of creases and discoloration typically associated with washi paper, which were significant issues with uniforms. Even after the harsh cleaning process required for clothes worn by medical personnel, there were no creases, and no ironing was necessary. No discoloration was also observed regardless of the number of times it was washed. This new hybrid material combines the advantages offered by natural materials with the functionality essential for personnel working in the healthcare industry.


Incorporating the subtle qualities of washi paper into our design

We have incorporated the "understated elegance" of washi paper. This material combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship and aesthetics into our design. We have taken exceptional care to present the material's subtle elegance through simple and compact details that resonate with the herringbone pattern we have selected to convey the natural quality and simplicity of washi paper fibers.


With a strong emphasis on stylish tailoring, these tops utilize a firm knitted fabric with a good allowance for comfort so that you can wear them for long periods of time in a relaxed manner. This product maintains an air of elegance with its round neckline and narrow opening, as well as a hem with slits along its sides to make sitting more comfortable and leave a sharp impression.


The upper part of the left side pocket has an unassuming embroidered logo of the same color. The inner part of the right side pocket has a coin pocket for storing accessories such as seals. This product is available in three colors, including Deep navy, Deep green, as well as Cork Beige, which is the closest color to that of Japanese washi paper and has a light peach tint.

Item Number:295 
Color: Cork Beige, Deep Green, Deep Navy
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Material: 89%Polyester, 11%Washi. Stretch,non-iron, water absorbent and quick drying.
* The pattern on the lining may differ from the ones in the photos posted. 

Model: Height 186 cm, Chest 92 cm, Waist 72 cm, Hips 94 cm
Size: M