Classico Men’s Smart Device Coat, PRO White


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The model is 180cm tall and wearing M size (Size Guide)

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A lab coat that prevents you from dropping your smartphone, a joint-development with Jikkei University School of Medicine. The luxurious and stylish PRO model.

The pockets are designed not only to prevent you from dropping your smartphone, but also to make putting it in and removing it as easy as possible, taking into account how medical staff move in their daily work. By surveying numerous doctors at Jikkei University Hospital, this coat also solves many problems that doctors experience with lab coats. Its ability to improve doctors’ performance makes this lab coat highly functional as well as stylish.

In addition to the smartphone pocket, it is equipped with many other functions such as a tricolor band for strapping a disinfectant bottle, and a pocket for a tablet. The PRO model is designed to match the different body shapes of men and women. It also offers excellent wearing comfort and luxury by adopting beautiful and stretchable fine cotton fabric.

Item Number: 235
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Material: 65% cotton, 35% polyester
Stretch-ability, quick-drying absorbency, anti-bacterial, stable form, soft finishing, and stain resistance
*The pattern of the lining may differ from the photograph.

Model: Model: Height: 180, bust: 98 cm, waist: 78cm, hips: 96 cm
Size: M