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Men's Lab Coat: Imabari Lab Coat (Size Guide)

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Gentle, soft, and comfortable on the skin. A 100% cotton lab coat achieved through Imabari's quality and techniques.

A men's lab coat from a 100% cotton series made by a collaboration with "Watanabe Pile Textile," one of the major Imabari towel manufacturers. We developed a new original material that has the durability required for a uniform in addition to its relaxing towel-like softness and comfort. it is so comfortable that you can wear it all day.

We spent a year and a half in development to achieve the durability that can withstand many washes and the stretch required in the medical field.

Cotton has many downsides when used in the medical field, such as shrinkage and color fading. We pursued the perfect balance between the vertical and horizontal threads in this new material and spent a year and a half going through trial and error. We put the material through sanforization twice to reduce the amount of shrinkage. This process promotes the vertical shrinkage that happens when washing the fabric for the first time and archives protection against hospital laundry shrinkage. The type of cotton affects the softness of the fabric. Therefore, we use quality cotton, "Yosemite Avenue," from Bakersfied in Central California. We carefully remove the fuzz away, which gives the fabric a smooth beautiful shine and a quality look. Also, the clear soft water of Imabari gives the yarn smoothness and volume.The weaving process is different from a plain weave. We use a double-warped pile weaving loom, which adds volume to the fabric.It is soft, with only a few crossing points, and is very absorbent and quick to dry.

The key design of the fabric is the herringbone pattern inspired by towels. The silhouette is slightly loose and relaxed to keep comfort when worn for a long time. It has a short bal collar that is modest and simple. The sleeves are split raglan sleeves in which only the back side of the sleeves are raglan sleeves. The sleeves have a hybrid design. They have a clean look while supporting movement without stress. The jacket has an adjustable back belt to make it easy to walk even when wearing the coat without closing the buttons in the front. We paid attention to the smallest details such as the collar band at the lining of the collar where we added subtle striped piping. It has an inner pocket on each side. There is also a coin pocket where you can store small items inside the right pocket.

this is a product that has the liquid absorbency and towel-like comfort along with the unique Imabari soft texture that is made with 100% cotton. And a product that is designed with attention to detail.

Item Number: 268
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Anti Shrink Finish
* The pattern on the lining may differ from the ones in the photos posted.

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