Classico Men's JERSEY LAB COAT LUXE White


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The model is 180cm tall and wearing M size (Size Guide)

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Pursuing the possibilities of exceptionally elastic jersey material.
Evolving towards materials with improved durability and quality

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The design is a three-button Chester coat with a subdued color scheme highlighted with gray. The minimalist design featuring a stitchless front and no front darts for fewer lines. This silhouette uses features of the material to create a slim, smart line from the bust to the waist. The back uses special tailoring for a clean, fashionable appearance that is conscious of today’s trends. The gray tones on the back of the lapel and the piping give this a unified, elegant design.

Item Number: 239
Color: White
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Material: 70% Polyester, 30% Cotton
Extra stretch, Jersey, super-absorbent quick-dry, non-iron
*The pattern of the lining may differ from that in the photos posted.

Model: Height: 180 cm, Bust 98 cm, Waist 78 cm, Hip 96 cm
Size: M

Material Quality

We use a new kind of jersey material with a sense of luxury and texture distinct from conventional jersey. Comfort has evolved as well with horizontal and vertical stretching, in addition to wrinkle-proofing and durability that doesn’t lose shape even after washing. Comfort has been used for the lining to achieve even greater comfort with less stuffiness.