Men's COOL TECH Tailored Lab Coat



Men's COOL TECH Tailored Lab Coat (Size Guide)

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A lab coat that provides a superior cooling effect due to its outstanding permeability to air The 2022 model has evolved into a fabric with an added stain-resistant finish while maintaining the same performance as the previous model.

The Cooltech series are the most breathable lab coats in the history of Classico, with about 10 times the breathability of standard lab coats.
The Cooltech fabric has an elegant, matte look and smooth feel, While retaining the same high breathability, non-ironing, stretch, water-absorbing, and quick-drying performance features. The 2022 model has evolved into a fabric with an added stain-resistant finish that makes it easier to clean. The material also feels good even when worn on bare skin.
Not only is it light and comfortable to wear due to its outstanding breathability, but also for its washing durability that does not degrade even after repeated hospital washing as well as home washing.

A tailoring technique that attends to the most delicate details while creating a sleek and slim silhouette

It's designed with a slim silhouette that shows off the waistline neatly.
And Making full use of Tailoring techniques on the three-dimensional sleeve swing, collar, and breast pocket. The Coats' side pockets are also angled for easy access. The front area has a slightly narrower lapel and a deeper V-zone with two buttons for a modern design. The cuffs of the sleeves are designed with four buttons that overlap each other to create a kissing button. This makes the hand look three-dimensional and gives an impression of luxury.
In addition, the sleeve buttons can be opened and closed, making it convenient to roll up the sleeves. The right side pocket has a coin pocket for storing small items, and there are inner pockets on both sides.

The coat has thick London stripes with the brand's colors on the back lining, inner pocket, and piping at the seam for an iconic and sophisticated impression. The design gives you a sense of casual playfulness, even in parts you can hardly see when wearing.

Item Number: B02
Colors: White
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Material: 100% Polyester, Highly Breathable,Stretchable, non-iron, super absorbent and quick-drying, stain-resistant.
* The pattern on the lining may differ from the ones in the photos posted. 

Model: Height 186 cm, Chest 89 cm, Waist 71 cm, Hips 92 cm
Size: M