Ensures a unique day, Everyday for Medical Professionals




With our sophisticated lab coats and scrubs, the usual day of the healthcare practitioners’ can change to something more exciting.

Classico brand was created to make the day-to-day life of healthcare practitioners’ easier and better. We are dedicated to developing and making available medical supplies such as medical clothing and stethoscopes, giving due importance on lab coats that are not only fashionable but practical.

Healthcare practitioners have a very important job. They deal with life and death situations and we greatly appreciate and respect what they do.

So, we decided to improve what they wear everyday and what they use everyday. This is what we strive to achieve at Classico.

Would you like to try our exclusive Classico products which is a fusion of comfort and sophistication, which you won't find anywhere else?

I’m sure you will find out how stylish you will look and also how everyone will start to notice you. We are confident also about the rise in productivity, which you will start experiencing with all the positive vibes your clothing would attract.

Can you imagine your days becoming
exciting and fulfilling? Classico promises you
this change.

Three factors that
change a healthcare
practitioners’ day

  • 1

    The Design changes your everyday life

    Various awards for our designs
    Classico – the only lab coat design recognized worldwide

  • 2

    The Fabric changes your everyday life

    The fabric which is soothing even on your bare
    skin You can choose according to the season Unmatched comfortable wearability

  • 3

    The Functionality changes your everyday life

    The functionality changes your everyday life
    Because you will be wearing it every day, we have incorporated and paid strict attention to necessary functionalities from the healthcare practitioner's perspective


The Design changes your everyday life

Our designs have received awards that are recognized worldwide,
and they have been used in numerous movies and TV dramas.

Lab Coats

Traditionally, a lab coat is considered as just another work coat, but our lab coats will raise your spirits to higher level. Our coats are designed by a well-recognized designer and are amazingly crafted. They boast a slight slim outline and are shorter than the average coat in length. They have a relaxed feel around the bust area but curved around the waistline, so they orchestrate a beautiful shape, accentuating your bust line while minimizing your waist.

U.S. IDA International Design Awards First Prize Winner in Medical Category

Nobuo Ohmameuda who designs suits in a first-class tailor suit studio, worked on the design and patterns of our lab coats. The experienced cutters who tailor the finest suits worked on producing our lab coats. Please enjoy the beautiful silhouette and detailed design to your heart’s content.


The stethoscope was invented over 200 years ago.
It has been an essential tool for any health care practitioner.
Yet the stethoscope has always been the same.
But there were some questions in our mind.
“Is this really an ideal shape?”
“Why it hasn’t changed for so long?”
This lead us to redesign the stethoscope from 0.


The Fabric changes your everyday life

With the fabrics which our craftsmen are obsessed about,
we have designed various genres with different lifestyles of healthcare professionals
in mind, so that you can wear our products in ease and comfort
that you won’t experience with any other brands.

Our products are made of
antibacterial fabrics

Because we use the best antibacterial fabrics,
they are always clean and hygienic which is important especially for medical practitioners.

Top quality
cotton fabric

We use the highest-quality Uighur cotton.

An experience like never before,
Classico Fabric series

Superior Pima

Luxurious feel and a superior
fabric that our customers love

The Royal Road of Classico
The superior feel and functional material that no other brand can beat

The biggest feature of Classico is the enhanced “sense of luxury and softness of texture” inherent in cotton materials, and the most requested “wrinkle-resistance” and “stretchability” features have been incorporated along with it.


For customers who value easy daily care

Extraordinary Material that is Smooth and Silky to the senses

The material used for Urban is stretchable, need no ironing, is highly absorbent, and it dries quickly. It is also hyper lightweight and prevents static. The material has gone through stain resistance tests for stained collars and has obtained Grade 4 to 5. This polyester material boasts a silky texture that is exceptional beautiful.


For customers who need extra mobility.

Experience outstanding Stretchability and Luxury

We support active lifestyles with outstanding stretchability. The silky luster and smooth texture of the material creates a distinctive sense of luxury, and it’s easy to care for with excellent durability.


For young female customers who
prefer light and casual uniforms

Light, but Retains its Shape

We developed something quite original and lightweight that is sought after in the healthcare field.
Being approximately 20% lighter than regular Classico coats, you will be able to experience the surprising lightness. Despite its lightness, it is carefully designed to sustain its shape.

Cool Tech

For customers who want to stay cool

Incredibly Cooling and Functional

We engineered and created a breathability of about two times to that of conventional dry white coats** (10 times of ordinary white coats). In addition, the material stretches nicely and is highly absorbent, quick-drying, and lightweight. All the characteristics you would want, while working in the medical field, this has it all. Of course, the material is wrinkle-resistant, so there is no need for ironing, which makes it really easy to maintain it.


For customers who are conscious
about their body odor.

Stylish and Odor-Free

We employ a highly effective deodorizing processing method. An excellent mechanism to eliminate body odor, with a deodorization rate of 94% or higher.
We utilize our original fabric made of cotton and polyester blended fibers. They are light and wrinkle-resistant. The soft texture of the material and the unique dyeing method create a beautiful luster.


The Functionality changes your everyday life

Because you will wear it every day, we have incorporated
necessary functions to withstand
the demands of everyday life.

Just like regular suits, our coats are a joy to wear

We incorporated countless customers opinions during the implementation stage of these functionalities.

We designed larger inner pockets so that you can place items without stuffing them. The cuff buttons on our coats can be buttoned and unbuttoned. Side pockets are large enough to fit an iPad Mini. Easy to slide in, and the fitted design doesn’t get in the way of your work.

Made in Japan quality

Quality born by being obsessed with details. You can feel the difference of our products from the coats made by other brands.

We manufacture our products in plants located in Japan and Vietnam that use superior and most advanced sewing technologies.

Personalize your coat with our embroidery service (Extra charge)

Carefully sewn embroideries.