U scope wins the gold award, the highest honor, at "iF Design Award" in Germany- the first-ever achievement for a stethoscope


"U scope," Classico’s new stethoscope that combined aesthetics and functionality to revolutionize the bicentennial history of the medical instrument, won the highest honor, gold award, in “iF Gold Award 2017,” on the evening of Friday, March 10, 2017 (Germany time). Based in Shibuya, Tokyo, Classico plans, manufactures and sells medical supplies. (CEO: Arata Ohwa)

What is iF Design Award?

iF Design Award is a prestigious international design award which has been in establishment since 1953. U scope won the iF Gold Award which was only awarded to 75 works out of 5,575 works from 59 countries presented in the 2017 iF Design Awards.

A comment from the judges

The stethoscope turned 200 years old in 2016, a true classic among medical instruments. The U scope by Classico is a redesign of this original, from the ground up. It retains all the essentials of a stethoscope, yet catches people’s attention with a simple and elegant formal approach. There are just enough engineering details to turn an everyday clinical tool into a cherished companion for healthcare personnel.

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“iF Design Award” Website
iF Gold Award 2017 Awards Page


Honored and encouraged by this international recognition of our design and concept, we will keep creating stylish lab coats and stethoscopes that satisfy our customers all over the world.


*At the award ceremony (On the right is our CEO Ohwa)


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