Le soleil à l'hôpital

Women’s lab coats and scrubs
that make female doctors
want to wear the coats and cheer
them to have conversation with patients,
livening up the atmosphere


“Plantica”, a flower unit that has ventured into bringing Japan’s proud flower culture in contemporary style.
In the recent years, the unit has provided floral decoration at the Japanese pavilion at Milano Expo and exhibited art installation at a flower art event sponsored by Princess Caroline of Monaco.
The `Plantica Series`, a limited collection from Classico collaboration together with the amazing “plantica.” It’s our 3rd edition together, a new release after approximately a year, following the 1st edition in 2016 and the 2nd edition in 2017.
This time, Classico’s simple and clean style is mixed into the “elegant & feminine” factor of the orange-based floral pattern.


plantica LAB COAT

A standard, beautiful A-line silhouette
Chester coat
An elegant plantica floral design
is applied on the back lining,
inside of the sleeves,
breast pocket, and covered buttons

Slightly large collars and
a modest neckline make them unique
You can get a glimpse of the floral pattern in the breast pocket

A new, orange pattern is added
to the navy and pink patterns,
popular from the old collections.
3 types of
floral patterns are available



Scrubs Tops plantica

plantica’s elegant floral pattern is applied
on the back lining and inside of sleeves
You can get a glimpse
of floral pattern in the pocket

Lightly fitted around the waist
Rounded V neck that makes your neckline look elegant

A new, orange pattern
is added to the popular, deep navy pattern
from the old collection.
2 types of
floral patterns are available