Le soleil à l'hôpital

Doctor’s coats and scrubs for women that
brighten any space, create conversation
with the patient and build motivation

About plantica COLLECTION

This limited edition collection of ladies’ lab coats and scrubs is a collaboration between Classico and Plantica,
a flower art unit gathering attention worldwide for it active work both in Japan and abroad sharing the flower culture of Japan in its current form with the world in the fields of art, fashion, lifestyle, and design.


A mix of feminine florals featuring pink and yellow notes with the clean, basic style of Classico. What’s more, new material with a soft, silk-like smooth texture have been used in the fabric. It is wrinkle resistant and designed so foundation and other stains come off easily, and features high quality that keeps its beautiful three-dimensional shape.


plantica LAB COAT

plantica・LAB Coat

Back lining, cuff lining, chest pocket,
removable covered buttons*
featuring flower design by plantica

*May cause damage to hospital laundry.
Please remove before washing.

Slightly larger lapel without too much exposure of the chest area Beautiful standard A-line silhouette Chester Coat

A lineup of 2 flower designs, pink and yellow



Scrubs Tops plantica

Scrub tops/plantica

Plantica flower design on the back yoke,
inner cuff, pockets, and gusset

The moderately shaped silhouette with a shallow Y-line is elegant. The gussets placed on the side hems that make it look like a button-up is its main feature.

A lineup of 2 flower designs, pink and yellow

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