Excellent comfort and uncompromising quality.
A crafted jacket made out of a new and evolved jersey material.


Luxury and texture distinct from conventional jersey
Exceptional luxury and touch.

Durability that does not lose its shape even after washing.
This is the evolution of comfort with horizontal and vertical stretching.

The cotton material on the inside makes this jacket wholly comfortable and breathable.
Less likely to wrinkle and does not require ironing, making it easy to handle.


The design is a two-button crafted jacket
with a subdued color scheme
highlighted with gray.

A minimalist design is stitch-less
in the front with peaked
lapels for the collar.

This silhouette uses features of the
material to create a slim, smart line
from the bust to the waist.

The back uses special tailoring
for a clean, fashionable appearance
that is conscious of today’s trends.

The gray tones on the back of the
lapel and the piping give this an overall unified,
elegant design that displays transformation.