Gentle on the skin, does not easily get wrinkled, and keeps its shape. Developed to be more comfortable and elegant with the stretchy Jersey material.


Luxury and texture
distinct from conventional jerseys.

Durability that does not lose
its shape even after washing.
The evolution of comfort with
horizontal and vertical stretch.

Cotton is used on the inside.
Greater comfort with less stuffiness.
Less likely to wrinkle,
making for easy care that needs no iron.


A single-button Chester coat
with soft and elegant color layout
based on grayish brown.

A silhouette with a slightly cinched waist,
still keeping the H-Line trend in mind.

The pockets have a subtle design to
match the elegance of the materials.

The lining of the cuffs, side pockets,
and inner pockets have the same greyish tone
and are piped with brown in the back.

This is a feminine, simple, and elegant piece
that consists of three tones.