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Classico Fabric series


Superior Pima

For the customers who
prefer premium smooth textures.


The textile certainly looks and feels a lot more expensive compared to regular lab coats, making it undoubttedly premium.

Dentist, 37 years old

It fits my body well,
and gets better over time. It adjusted well according to my body shape and also warm once worn but certainly not stuffy.

Pediatric Neurologist, 49 years old

The textile is soft and nice.

Surgeon, 59 years old

The right size, helps me move better.

Pharmacist, 45 years old

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Product features

The comfort and
feel of premium cotton.

Made of pure Superior Pima cotton, a cotton of the highest quality in the world, produced in the South western, U.S for warp.
With a soft texture and beautiful shine from the extra long cotton and T-400 for the weft to make it functional and stretchable, it is a material that is characteristic of Classico.
With an incredibly soft texture and a beautiful shine from the extra long cotton and the T-400 weft to make it increasinly functional and strechable. The fabric brings out the best characteristics of Classico.

It is functional and
the fitting assists you at work.

The strechable material gives you the freedom to improve your range of movements creating no difficulty at work.
It is made out of super absorbent and quick drying materials, which quickly absorbs your sweat and keeps it experience smooth. It has been specially treated to keep the materials continue feel soft.

It is easy to clean,
helps maintain hygiene with ease.

The fabric is light and keeps its shape, so you can wash it without destroying it`s form. It dries easily and is easy to clean. Since it has an anti-fouling coating and has been treated with a bacteriostatic agent to prevent hospital-acquired infections, it is hygienic and effective.


Products in which this fabric is used

Lab Coat


Lab Jacket


Men’s Classico
Scrub Tops


Women's Crafted
Lab Coat


Women’s Classico
Scrub Tops