For those who stand’ up to challenges.
Classico Doctor Calf

Classico Lab visits the actual medical practice sites to hear the voices and concerns
from the medical practitioners’, themselves, first hand.
We observed the movements and postures of doctors and nurses in their work environments.

They would stand for about six hours in a tense environment.
We saw first hand, how doctors and nurses who were completely immersed in the surgery,
subconsciously break into different postures to get some relief from their fatigued legs
In addition to surgeries, they also made rounds and responded to emergency calls.
Their legs had no time for rest.

Classico Doctor Calf was designed to address the fatigue and heaviness
the legs of medical practitioners bore,
who stand for long hours, taking on challenges. Calf tights,
woven with Photoelectron® fibers and designed for systematic compression,
gives comfortable support to make fatigue and heaviness of legs a problem of the past.

Classico Lab uses crowdfunding to disseminate new products that addresses
and resolve the problems of medical practitioners.

Creating comfort and elegance in medicine(health care),
together with medical practitioners.

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It provides a pleasant fit to the surgeons calves, considering surgeons have to stand long hours during a surgery

Doctor Calf, as its name suggests, is a compression inner wear for your calves.

Standing for a long time causes your blood flow to slow down, making your legs go numb. Unnecessary movement of calf muscles while walking can also be a reason for tired legs

Doctor Calf is seamless and continues to maintain your ease even when worn for a long time, addressing numbness most effectively.

The secret is ‘Systematic Compression Design’. It is made of a textile with a high denier count of 520 for superior compression. It was woven three-dimensionally to the shape of the leg, gradually changing the level of compression as it goes down the leg, enabling it to compress and support the entire calf.

Photoelectron® fibers and its heat radiant property makes it comfortable even when worn for a long time.

The threads themselves are an added characteristic

Photoelectron® fibers that are used in Doctor Calf have been evenly infused with highly pure ceramic particles, which absorb body heat and effectively distributes far-infrared rays throughout the body.

In other words, it does not conduct heat externally and instead it distributes your body temperature, mitigating the temperature for comfort.
It also evaporates your sweat to maintain dryness and comfort even when worn for a longer period during the day.

It is woven three-dimensionally to the shape of the leg, gradually changing the level of compression as it goes down the leg, enabling it to compress and support the entire calf.

Classico’s original design.

We have sewn in a subtle Classico logo at the back of the Doctor Calf. Since they only cover your calves, you can match them with your favorite socks.

They fit perfectly to your calves, allowing you to wear scrub pants, slacks, and slim bottoms without any hassle.

They come in three different sizes to cater to both men and women.
XS and S are recommended for women or men with a small build, M and L for men and women, and LL for men.

Product Information

$50.00(tax excluded)
XS-S:For women or men with a small build Calf Diameter: 30 cm - 40 cm
M-L:Unisex Calf Diameter: 30 cm - 40 cm * The cuff is slightly larger than XS - S.
LL:For men Calf Diameter: 34 cm - 44 cm
* The level of compression and effects depend on the individual.
Ankle: 38hPa / Calf: 25hPa / Cuff: 21hPa
Photoelectron® fiber nylon, polyurethane

We had people try on Doctor Calf.

We had nurses and surgeons performing long surgeries to try on our Doctor Calf samples for about a week and asked them for reviews and feedback.
As a result, about 75% of the doctors and nurses answered that they felt a clear difference between the level of fatigue in their legs before and after use.
Some users answered that Doctor Calf had the best fit and comfort in comparison to other products.
Also, 80% of users said that they would recommend Doctor Calf to other doctors.

  • 40’s, Male, Doctor, Colorectal Surgeon

    “I was not aware of compression inner wears. I do stretching exercises to keep myself in shape. The fit felt good when I used Doctor Calf. I wore it during surgery, and my legs felt less heavy afterwards."

  • 40’s, Male, Doctor, Surgeon

    "I usually use a different compression inner wear.
 I prefer the design and the materials of my regular inner wear, but the fit was better on Doctor Calf.

  • 30’s, Female, Operating Room Nurse

    “My legs often get bloated and tired, so I have been massaging my legs and using elastic stockings as a remedy. I like the design of Doctor Calf with how it only covers up to the ankle. The fit felt comfortable, and the level of fatigue in my legs was different, on a good note.”


Terms and Conditions

  • Since this is a crowdfund-based project, if the project does not meet the required number of supporters, you will receive a refund.
  • The production will take place after the required number of supporters have been met. Therefore, the deliveries are scheduled for between mid to late May.
  • The images of the products are of samples. There will be no significant changes to the sizes or design, but products may be slightly different from the photos.
  • After delivery, size exchanges are available for products with stock.
  • The level of compression and effects depend on the individual.
  • For product returns, we will make a full refund for the product and its shipping cost paid at the time of order, depending on the condition of the product.
  • We do not accept order cancellations once the required number of supporters have been met.
  • Please see the privacy policy for information the handling of personal data.