Classico Lightweight Technology

The journey to developing a material which is both cool and light took six long years,
but we have finally reached our goal.


It is now easy to get a lab coat which has everything that is needed

to work comfortably in a medical environment,
such as improved elasticity, lightness, superior absorption and quick-drying.


All kinds of materials have been brought together to create perfection.


"Classico Lightweight Technology"

A fabric line has roughly eight times more breathability than Classico’s regular fabrics.
Our coats are made from high quality cotton which is soft to the touch yet stretches well,
making them resistant to wrinkles.
Our coats use COOL MAX, which has exceptional sweat absorbency, dries super quickly, and has great elasticity.
Our original fabric is light to the touch and resistant to winkles. 
Simply hanging the coat out to dry after washing will get rid of any wrinkles,
making ironing your coat a thing of the past.
Uses the most light weight material of all the coats in the Classico range.