Classico Fabric Technology

Lab coats are worn to be worked in.


Which is why they are pointless if they are not
comfortable, hygienic and easy to wear.


Classico lab coats use a range of technologies to achieve all of the above.


"Classico Fabric Technology"


Our coats are made from high quality cotton which is soft to the touch yet stretches well,
making them resistant to wrinkles.
Our coats use COOL MAX, which has exceptional sweat absorbency, dries super quickly, and has great elasticity.
Our original fabric is light to the touch and resistant to winkles.
Has the power to go beyond simple anti-bacterial processing.
Not only does this prevent the fabric from producing unwanted smells,
it also prevents the spread of bacteria even if some bacteria manage to form on the fabric itself.
Simply hanging the coat out to dry after washing will get rid of any wrinkles,
making ironing your coat a thing of the past.
The coats have undergone processing so that they can dry completely just by being hung out to dry,
eliminating the need for machine-drying.
This gives the cloth a wonderful finish.
Processing to make the coats stain and dirt resistant,
making it easy to remove dirt even if it gets on the clothes.