About Scrubs

“Supporting healthcare professionals and delivering work clothes

that uplift the spirit.”

In order to realize this, not only do we have thorough preference for materials and functionality,

the design will also make the wearer look beautiful.

Classico produces this kind of scrub.


An original fabric created by blending cotton and polyester.

It has a velvet-like touch to the skin, is lightweight and wrinkle resistant.

Furthermore, the texture of the material is very soft

and uses a unique dyeing method to create a beautiful glossy finish.

But that is not all.

We have incorporated a durable deodorizing process so that you do not have to worry about the smell when you sweat.


The tops are designed separately for men and women

so that the silhouette looks beautiful.

The one designed for women is characterized by an A-line silhouette,

the shallow V-neck is rounded off around the neck to promote female beauty.


The pants are not exclusive to a certain body shape and have a high-class silhouette.

The straight line design is not too skinny or baggy, making it easy to move in them.



Our strict preference for details is what makes Classico clothing.

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