Men's COOL TECH Tailored Lab Coat (2021)



Men's COOL TECH Tailored Lab Coat (2021) (Size Guide)

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A lab coat that provides a superior cooling effect due to its outstanding permeability to air

The Cooltech series features lab coats that provide the best cooling effect in Classico lab coats' history. They are around ten times more permeable to air than regular lab coats. The 2021 model of this lab coat creates a more elegant impression by using a different kind of yarn for its fabric, capable of achieving a matte and lustrous look without polyester's distinctive shine. The fabric is now more supple and smoother to the touch, with the lab coat better tailored and giving rise to fewer creases when worn. In addition to its high moisture absorption and quick-drying properties that keep the user cool as before, the more elastic fabric ensures greater ease of movement. The lab coat is also easy to care for as it can be worn directly after washing without any ironing.


A tailoring technique that attends to the most delicate details while creating a sleek and slim silhouette

This lab coat has been designed with a slim silhouette that creates a sleek waistline. Its three-dimensional sleeves, collar, and front pocket have all been meticulously stitched with a unique tailoring technique. The side pockets have also been designed with the perfect angle for easy access. The front of the coat features a classic three-button design, allowing the user to secure only the middle button when wearing it. The coat's cuffs are designed with four overlapping buttons, a feature known as the "kiss button," which makes the wrist area appear more three-dimensional and creates an elegant impression. In addition, this design allows the sleeves to be easily rolled up for an "open sleeves" look. The right side pocket of this coat has a coin pocket for storing accessories, and there are also inner pockets on both sides of the coat.

The coat's back lining, collar lining, cuffs, inner pocket mouth, and piping are all lined with a fabric containing refreshing blue stripes, which gives the design a subtle touch of playfulness even in areas of the coat that are not usually visible.


Item Number: 316
Colors: White
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Material: 100% Polyester, Highly Breathable, Stretchable, No Need to Iron, water absorbent and quick drying.
* The pattern on the lining may differ from the ones in the photos posted.