Women's LUXE No Collar Jersey Coat



Women's LUXE No Collar Jersey Coat (Size Guide)

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A soft, elegant collarless coat made with a new jersey material that has high-quality, elasticity and an excellent feel
jersey fabric, popular for its excellent stretch, has fully evolved in its texture, functionality, and high-quality feel. Knit using a rare 40-gauge machine, the outer fabric uses Toray's Zamora yarn, which combines durability in the wash with an excellent stretch. Through the application of a special mercerizing process, the surface of the jacket has the luster and smoothness of a beautiful silk, giving it a high-quality texture that will last even after being laundered. Also, the lining that touches your skin uses a high-quality, highly absorbent Supima cotton, so it can be comfortably worn for long periods of time without feeling stuffy. It also has the feature of being water-absorbent and quick-drying so that it dries quickly after laundering. It even has high durability, so it's unlikely to lose its shape or shrink due to hospital laundering. It's a hybrid jersey material that's unlikely to wrinkle and combines a high-quality feel with easy care.
A classic, elegant style utilizing the softness of jersey material
The slender A-line silhouette utilizing the jersey material and the gathered style in the back will give you a clean look around the waist. Additionally, the tuck in the shoulder connecting to the neck gives an elegant impression. The neck uses a collarless style that subdues the feeling of trendiness, but it forms the base of a collar, so even if you wear a stethoscope, it won’t touch your neck.
The piping and the lining create a combination of three colors in soft hues
For things such as the piping and the lining, the tailoring has been done in soft, elegant color tones of gray, brown, and white. One of the design points is the gray lining that can be casually seen from the side pockets and slit cuffs. To keep in line with the clean impression of a collarless coat, the buttons are fastened with a concealed button placket. There's an inside pocket on the inside left, so you can store things like ball-point pens.
Item Number: 770
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Material: 70% Polyester, 30% Cotton
High stretch, non-iron, super absorbent and quick drying, Jersey fabric
*The pattern of the lining may differ from the one in the photos posted.