Arata Ohwa

Posted on August 28 2018



          The beautiful creation and the demanding process

Classico as you would know by now, does not change its style every week. We often come across words like fast fashion and fashion which revolves around quick changes. We are not against changes but we don't appreciate anything which does not last long enough. When the first Classico products were conceptualized and even when they evolved, the idea was to create stylish yet functional highest quality lab coats and scrubs. Completing a decade and providing products to people over 20 countries, we are proud to say that we didn't have to change as our moto helped gain loyal Classico enthusiast.
Like life, even Classico products are created with a lot of love and it certainly is a tedious process.
We listen carefully and pay attention to every little gesture, comment and feedback from our customers. As we focus on a lifestyle product, we give due importance to the thought of whether the product has the ability to improve and help the customer in some way or the other. Does it help the wearer physically and emotionally? Every products is based on a different theme, but the underlying essence of the product remains the same.
The initial idea or the seed comes in different forms, though the initial process is different, the rest of it remains the same.
The Plantica series Lab coat and Scrub are a favorite amongst many, the product is a result of a collaboration  between popular flower store in Tokyo and Classico. The colours and shade patterns directly represent a vibrant, colorful and youthful feel. The lab coat and scrubs made in the regular colours have been infused with those colours as buttons, around the collar and other areas with atmost subtlety. We have been told that patients are intrigued by the sudden addition in the vibrancy of the healthcare professionals coat and scrub, making a positive impact with them as well
Another product which was developed with the help of customer feedback, is the Classico smart device coat. As a professional health care worker, the need to be on the call is important and lab coat designs are generations old and has not evolved. The pockets needs to be given a special mention as some of the pockets are too large but too saggy, some too small and not functional.
The smart device coat has pockets placed strategically in the right spaces, a large one for an ipad or other medium size touchpads which doctors carry around during rounds these days and also pockets specifically meant for smart phones, these pockets ensure that the products stay firm, not messing the shape or form of the coat and also provides for an easy access to pull it out  and to place it back.
10 years of creating products of passion has taught us a lot about customer preference but as the sayings goes, what we know is just a puddle and what we have to explore is the sea.
We would love to hear your thoughts on lab coats and scrubs and what's that one you would like to see in one. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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