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Brand Story / Attention to Design - To have professionals such as yourselves choose our brand

Posted on May 30 2017


High-quality materials.
Excellent design.
High ambitions.


These are elements that are required in tailoring excellent clothing.


However, we do not think that is enough for tailors who make clothing for professionals.

We visited many factories in and out of the country to find a partner.

We were looking for a “factory that had the technology for producing high-quality products” and not a “factory that would make mediocre products for a low cost.”


There were only two factories who met our standards.


We pay most attention to our “tailor-made” quality.
The only factories cable of realizing our lab coat design are the ones who can produce products in high-quality and sensibility, have excellent sewing and tailoring techniques and knowledge, and can adopt new techniques to cater to a new trend or design.


No tailored clothing from a different manufacturer will turn out to be the same.


Is such attention to details really necessary?

It is our pride as professionals in designing lab coats for professionals.


That is what Classico lab coats are.

Our factories are working every day to manufacture the best lab coat for you to wear.

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